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No matter what your budget or scale Landmark can design, install and maintain a stunning living wall or vertical garden for you either inside or out.


Living walls (also known as "green walls") are not only a beautiful way to enhance the environment, they bring a number of acknowledged benefits with them from creating green space to improving the air and the well being of your work or living area.




Vertical green wall gardens

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Since green fingered visionary Patrick Blanc kicked off the living wall movement in the mid 90's there has been a substantial growth in the style and type of green or living wall options available, spurred on in part by the results of studies advocating urban greening and the measurable environmental benefits it brings. (See our Living wall benefits page)



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Today there are a number of green wall types available:


Climbing Facades

The most straight forward or traditional method to create a living wall is through the use of climbers and creepers. Just as has been the case for hundreds of years, a selection of climbing plants rooted or planted at the foot of a wall will climb or creep up and across it. In the modern world this process is often assisted by the addition of wire or timber frames and mesh systems.


The same process can be used in reverse as well by allowing plants to trail downwards from a terrace or balcony.


In either case the use of pots or planters allows some degree of control over the size and spread of the living wall, or even later repositioning (before the plants are too well established) to some degree if needed.




Modular Soil Free Living Walls

By their nature soil free, otherwise known as Hydroponic, living walls are a more sophisticated system of planting than the climbing facade wall option but in the long term offer a much more flexible system in both function and style.


The plants are usually pre-grown on on special wall panels prior to installation which are then attached to a waiting frame system on site. The final installation provides nutrient rich water to the panels which removes the need for soil planting. This lack of soil requirement for the living wall also makes the final assembly far lighter than would otherwise be possible.



Modular Soil Based Living Walls

Usually this type of living wall involves the use of troughs or containers that are combined to form a structure that is then attached to the external wall to be greened. The planting itself involves the use of soil and substrate much like the ones used in a green roof installation.


The substrates and soil efficiently retain water allowing for a much more simple or traditional irrigation system than in a Hydroponic living wall system but at the obvious cost in additional weight as discussed previously.

climbers and creepers create a natural living wall
climbers and creepers create a traditional living wall
Modular soil free living wall system

Contact Landmark Living Roofs for advice on design, installation and maintenance of corporate Living walls, wall gardens, exterior green walls, internal green walls and domestic living art installations in London and across the UK.



There are many well documented benefits to having a living wall from ecological to financial. Read a round up on our living wall BENEFITS summary page.

Living wall installation benefits
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A living wall installation need careful planning from the structural requirements to the choice of systems and planting.


Depending on the system used a supporting structure or framework may need to be installed prior to the living wall system.


The next fundamental consideration is irrigation. Due to the vertical nature of a green wall it is impractical to water manually therefore a bespoke irrigation system would need to be fitted.


The concluding part of the process is to arrange carefully selected plants in the living wall to the client's design requirements.


The living wall is now complete and ready to enjoy!

Living wall installationby Landmark

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