Benefits of a Green or Living Wall

There are many well documented benefits to having a green wall, from ecological to financial...


Turn any area into a fresh, healthy environment with a stunning living wall of plants. What was limited to pots and planters has now been liberated with the arrival of living walls.


Living walls of lush foliage bring bland spaces to life; whether installed as floor to ceiling feature walls or stand alone pieces of art Living or green walls create a visual impact anywhere and can transform unimpressive, functional spaces and walls into attractive vertical landscapes. More than this, living walls offer major health benefits too: cleaning the indoor air, balancing a room's humidity and creating a general sense of well being:


living walls improve productivity

1. Living walls can improve work rates & productivity by relaxing and lifting mood



living walls provide acoustic insulation

2. A living wall can reduce noise levels, soften acoustics and aid concentration


living walls create modern corporate image

3. Living walls create a green, modern image for your company


living walls combat poor air quality

4. Living walls help combat poor air conditioning and dry air



external living walls can protect building fabric

5. External living walls can protect building fabric



living walls provide a dramatic look

6. Living walls provide a dramatic addition to any interior design scheme



living walls provide stunning focal point

7. Living walls provide a relaxing visual feature or focus point in any room



living walls can increase property value

8. Living walls have been shown to Increase property value and saleability



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