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Landmark are one of the UK’s leading living wall and green roof designers, installers and suppliers.


We can supply, install and maintain green roofs and living walls for commercial buildings, new build homes, residential projects and public spaces.


Landmark uses innovative green solutions to create green roofs, bio-diverse roof gardens and living walls. Based in Dorset, South of England Landmark Living Roofs works extensively in London and across the UK.

A Typical

Green Roof Solution

A Living Roof system explained

1. Plant Level

2. Substrate Layer

Perfect growing environment

water retention

good aeration.

3. Filter Fleece

Prevents fine particles washing into drainage layer

4. Drainage Board

Efficient drainage of excess water Eliminates pooling on flat roofs, stores water  Provides Ventilation for roots

5. Protection & Storage Fleece

Protects roof layers and Root Barrier Stores moisture and Nutrients.

6. Root Barrier

Prevents damage from plant

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