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Landmark Living Roofs is an established UK company and is backed by the experience of over 20 years in the construction industry.


Landmark has an extensive background in the roofing industry having worked on high specification roofs and living walls for clients in London and across the UK, and trained in the installation of green roof and wall systems in both the UK and Europe.


Landmark Living Roofs can cover building projects of all sizes and scope anywhere in the UK.

Green roofs for urban greening
Green roofs and living walls in London and the UK
Living walls for offices and commercial buildings

Landmark Living Roofs is confident that living walls and green roofs are fast becoming the necessity in construction and policy changes will inevitably follow.

Landmark Living Roofs Ltd


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Phone: 01202 658090

Mobile: 07889 443070


mark (at) landmarklivingroofs.co.uk

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